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A library to support testing of Wasm smart contracts for use on the Casper Platform.


Utility types and functions for working with execution engine tests.


Represents the difference between two AdditiveMaps.

Builder for creating a StepRequest.

Builds an UpgradeConfig.

Builder for simple WASM test


Amount named argument.

Default initial balance of a test account in motes.

Default auction delay.

Default block time.

Default chain name.

Default gas price.

Default genesis timestamp in milliseconds.

Default lock-in period of 90 days

Default maximum number of associated keys.

Default max serialized size of StoredValues.

Default round seigniorage rate represented as a fractional number.

Default number of eras that need to pass to be able to withdraw unbonded funds.

Default number of validator slots.

Minimal amount for a transfer that creates new accounts.

Timestamp increment in milliseconds.


Default accounts.

Default test account address.

Default account key.

Default account public key.

Default genesis config hash.

Default payment.

Default proposer address.

Default proposer public key.

System address.

Type Definitions

Wasm test builder where state is held entirely in memory.

Wasm test builder where state is held in LMDB.