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This crate defines structs that can be deserialized with Serde to load and inspect Cargo.toml metadata.

See Manifest::from_slice.


The top-level Cargo.toml structure
You can replace Metadata type with your own to parse into something more useful than a generic toml Value
Cargo uses the term “target” for both “target platform” and “build target” (the thing to build), which makes it ambigous. Here Cargo’s bin/lib target is renamed to product.
The workspace.package table is where you define keys that can be inherited by members of a workspace. These keys can be inherited by defining them in the member package with {key}.workspace = true.


Used as a wrapper for properties that may be inherited by workspace-level settings. It currently does not support more complex interactions (e.g. specifying part of the property in the local manifest while inheriting another part of it from the workspace manifest, as it happens for dependency features).
Representation of a TOML value.


Type Definitions