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caret: Integers with some named values.

Crikey! Another Rust Enum Tool?

Suppose you have an integer type with some named values. For example, you might be implementing a protocol where “command” can be any 8-bit value, but where only a small number of commands are recognized.

In that case, you can use the caret_int macro to define a wrapper around u8 so named values are displayed with their preferred format, but you can still represent all the other values of the field:

use caret::caret_int;
    struct Command(u8) {
       Get = 0,
       Put = 1,
       Swap = 2,

let c1: Command = 2.into();
let c2: Command = 100.into();

assert_eq!(c1.to_string().as_str(), "Swap");
assert_eq!(c2.to_string().as_str(), "100");

assert_eq!(c1, Command::Swap);

This crate is developed as part of Arti, a project to implement Tor in Rust. Many other crates in Arti depend on it, but it should be of general use.


Declare an integer type with some named elements.