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This crate provide some helper functions to capture the stdin/out/err of the current process to help mocking.

In testing, cargo test capture the stdout/err via std::io::set_output_capture. We can use the same mechanism to intercept print! and eprint! output. The crate wraps the call in OutputCapture so that you can intercept the output easily.

The crate also implements a pipe-then-dup method to intercept stdio. In detail, it creates a pipe and replaces the fd of stdio. You can use PipedStdin to intercept stdin, use PipedStdout for stdout and PipedStderr for stderr.


pub use output_capture::*;
pub use pipe::*;


Wrapper of std::io::set_output_capture

Intercept stdio via pipe-then-dup method


Common trait to capture stdio and then restore