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  • | MergeIdLists: Merge multiple ID_LISTs | into a single ID_LIST. | | An ID_LIST is a list of IDs (may be ints, | often longs) that represents a single | feature. As described in, | a batch of ID_LIST examples is represented | as a pair of lengths and values where | the lengths (int32) segment the values | or ids (int32/int64) into examples. | | Given multiple inputs of the form lengths_0, | values_0, lengths_1, values_1, … | which correspond to lengths and values | of ID_LISTs of different features, | this operator produces a merged ID_LIST | that combines the ID_LIST features. | The final merged output is described | by a lengths and values vector. | | WARNING: The merge makes no guarantee | about the relative order of ID_LISTs | within a batch. This can be an issue if | ID_LIST are order sensitive. |