[][src]Struct c2rust_transpile::TranspilerConfig

pub struct TranspilerConfig {
    pub dump_untyped_context: bool,
    pub dump_typed_context: bool,
    pub pretty_typed_context: bool,
    pub dump_function_cfgs: bool,
    pub json_function_cfgs: bool,
    pub dump_cfg_liveness: bool,
    pub dump_structures: bool,
    pub incremental_relooper: bool,
    pub fail_on_multiple: bool,
    pub filter: Option<Regex>,
    pub debug_relooper_labels: bool,
    pub cross_checks: bool,
    pub cross_check_backend: String,
    pub cross_check_configs: Vec<String>,
    pub prefix_function_names: Option<String>,
    pub translate_asm: bool,
    pub use_c_loop_info: bool,
    pub use_c_multiple_info: bool,
    pub simplify_structures: bool,
    pub panic_on_translator_failure: bool,
    pub emit_modules: bool,
    pub fail_on_error: bool,
    pub replace_unsupported_decls: ReplaceMode,
    pub translate_valist: bool,
    pub overwrite_existing: bool,
    pub reduce_type_annotations: bool,
    pub reorganize_definitions: bool,
    pub enabled_warnings: HashSet<Diagnostic>,
    pub emit_no_std: bool,
    pub output_dir: Option<PathBuf>,
    pub verbose: bool,
    pub emit_build_files: bool,
    pub main: Option<String>,

Configuration settings for the translation process


dump_untyped_context: booldump_typed_context: boolpretty_typed_context: booldump_function_cfgs: booljson_function_cfgs: booldump_cfg_liveness: booldump_structures: boolincremental_relooper: boolfail_on_multiple: boolfilter: Option<Regex>debug_relooper_labels: boolcross_checks: boolcross_check_backend: Stringcross_check_configs: Vec<String>prefix_function_names: Option<String>translate_asm: booluse_c_loop_info: booluse_c_multiple_info: boolsimplify_structures: boolpanic_on_translator_failure: boolemit_modules: boolfail_on_error: boolreplace_unsupported_decls: ReplaceModetranslate_valist: booloverwrite_existing: boolreduce_type_annotations: boolreorganize_definitions: boolenabled_warnings: HashSet<Diagnostic>emit_no_std: booloutput_dir: Option<PathBuf>verbose: boolemit_build_files: bool

Emit Cargo.toml and one of main.rs, lib.rs

main: Option<String>

Names the translation unit containing the main function

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for TranspilerConfig[src]

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