[][src]Struct c2rust_transpile::c_ast::ConversionContext

pub struct ConversionContext {
    pub id_mapper: IdMapper,
    pub typed_context: TypedAstContext,
    // some fields omitted

This stores the information needed to convert an AstContext into a TypedAstContext.


id_mapper: IdMapper

Keeps track of the mapping between IDs used by clang (old) and the AST importer (new)

typed_context: TypedAstContext

Typed context we are building up during the conversion


impl ConversionContext[src]

pub fn new(untyped_context: &AstContext) -> ConversionContext[src]

Create a new 'ConversionContext' seeded with top-level nodes from an 'AstContext'.

pub fn convert(&mut self, untyped_context: &AstContext)[src]

Convert the contents of an AstContext, starting from the top-level declarations passed into the ConversionContext on creation.

This populates the typed_context of the ConversionContext it is called on.

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