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bulk_allocator is implementations for AllocRef. They pool allocated memory and release them on the destruction.

Method dealloc caches the released memory and alloc reuses it. If no cache is left, alloc acquires a memory chunk from the backend and make cache at first.

Using cache effectively, the performance is better compared to the same name functions in std::alloc.


Trait AllocRef is defined only in Rust nightly toolchain so far. It is required to enable feathre allocator_api to use this crate and AllocRef.



AllocRef method alloc and dealloc delegate the request to the backend if the argument layout is too large to cache; otherwise, dealloc stores the released memory and alloc dispatches it and return.

If the argument layout is always same, probably LayoutBulkAllocator is better.

All methods in AllocRef are thread unsafe.


LayoutBulkAllocator behaves like BulkAllocator except for the constructor requires Layout as the argument.

The instance uses cache only when the argument layout is same to what the constructor is passed; otherwise, the requests are delegated to the backend.



BulkAllocator pools allocated memory and frees it on the destruction.


LayoutBulkAllocator pools allocated memory and frees it on the destruction.



The maximum memory size BulkAllocator::alloc() uses the cache.