[][src]Crate building_blocks

Data types, collections, and algorithms for working with maps on 2D and 3D integer lattices. Commonly known as pixel or voxel data.

This library is organized into several crates:

  • core: lattice point and extent data types
  • image: conversion of 2D lattice maps to/from images
  • mesh: 3D isosurface generation algorithms, smooth and cubic
  • partition: spatial queries on voxels, e.g. raycasting
  • procgen: procedural generation of lattice maps, including sampled SDFs and height maps
  • search: search algorithms on lattice maps
  • storage: compressed storage for lattice maps, i.e. functions defined on Z^2 and Z^3
  • vox: conversion of 3D lattice maps to/from VOX data format

To learn the basics about lattice maps, start with these doc pages:


pub use building_blocks_core as core;
pub use building_blocks_storage as storage;
pub use building_blocks_image as image;
pub use building_blocks_mesh as mesh;
pub use building_blocks_partition as partition;
pub use building_blocks_procgen as procgen;
pub use building_blocks_search as search;
pub use building_blocks_vox as vox;