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Browser Window is a Rust crate that allows you manipulate simple browsers contained within simple windows. Just like Electron, you can use it to build graphical user interfaces with HTML/CSS/JS technology.

Warning: At the moment only Windows is suppored. (GTK support is on the way!)

Moreover, Browser Window uses the Chromium browser engine. So Browser Window uses CEF as a dependency. To get CEF set up properly, take a look here.

To start building apps with Browser Window, take a quick look at the application module.

For an example, see this example code.



This module contains runtime and application related handles.


This module contains all browser related handles and stuff.



This future executes a async closure on the GUI thread and returns the result. This future executes a closure on the GUI thread and returns the result.


This future runs a future on the GUI thread and returns its output.



The error that occurs when you're delegating work to the GUI thread, but it fails to finish and/or return a result.