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bpf-rs is a safe, lean library for inspecting and querying eBPF objects. A lot of the design & inspiration stems from bpftool internals and libbpf-rs.

It is based upon the work of libbpf-sys to safely create wrappers around libbpf.

This crate is NOT meant to help with writing and loading of sophisticated eBPF programs and maps. For that, we recommend libbpf-rs and libbpf-cargo.


pub use libbpf_sys;


Primitives for the eBPF instruction set. See kernel docs for the canonical details


eBPF program object info. Similar to (but not the same) kernel header’s struct bpf_prog_info


eBPF helper functions. See bpf-helpers(7)

Propagates error variants from libbpf-sys

eBPF map type variants. Based off of kernel header’s enum bpf_map_type

Collection of eBPF program license types (e.g. GPL)

eBPF program type variants. Based off of kernel header’s enum bpf_prog_type