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Deterministic bitcoin commitments library.

Deterministic bitcoin commitments are part of the client-side-validation. They allow to embed commitment to extra-transaction data into a bitcoin transaction in a provable way, such that it can always be proven that a given transaction contains one and only one commitment of a specific type for a given commitment protocol.



  • Anchors are data structures used in deterministic bitcoin commitments for keeping information about the proof of the commitment in connection to the transaction which contains the commitment, and multi-protocol merkle tree as defined by LNPBP-4.
  • Homomorphic key tweaking-based deterministic commitment scheme.
  • ScriptPubkey-based OP_RETURN commitments.
  • Signature tweaking-based deterministic commitment scheme.
  • Taproot OP_RETURN-based deterministic bitcoin commitment scheme (“tapret”).


  • Name of the strict type library generated from the data types in this crate.