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Blunders Chess Engine Core Library.


pub use coretypes::File;
pub use coretypes::Move;
pub use coretypes::Rank;
pub use coretypes::Square;
pub use engine::Engine;
pub use engine::EngineBuilder;
pub use fen::Fen;
pub use position::Game;
pub use position::Position;
pub use search::SearchResult;
pub use timeman::Mode;
pub use transposition::TranspositionTable;
pub use zobrist::ZobristTable;


Array Vector Types

A general purpose way to efficiently encode data, where each bit index of a 64-bit unsigned integer represents a chessboard square.

Chess board piece placement representations.

The fundamental and simple types of blunders_engine.

Engine struct acts as a simplified API for the various parts of the Blunders engine.

Blunders Engine error type.

Static Evaluation Functions.

Forsyth-Edwards Notation, a standard notation for describing a chess position.

MoveList types used in Blunders engine.

Move Ordering

Performance Test

Holds Position struct, the most important data structure for the engine. Position represents a chess position. Positions and moves are assumed to be strictly legal, and have undefined behavior for illegal activity.

Search functions.

Functionality related to multi-threading.

Time Management

Shared Transposition Table.

Universal Chess Interface

Zobrist Hashing