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Bluetooth OTS client

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This crate implements Bluetooth Object Transfer Service (OTS) client for bluez using bluez-async. Implementation compatible with OTS 1.0 specification.

Usage example

use bluez_async::{BluetoothSession, DeviceId};
use bluez_async_ots::{DirEntries, OtsClient, Result};

async fn main() -> Result<()> {
    // First initiate bluetooth session as usual
    let (_, bs) = BluetoothSession::new().await?;

    // Next discover and connect to get interesting device identifier
    let dev_id: DeviceId = todo!();

    // Create OTS client using session and device id
    // Session will be cloned by client internally
    let ots = OtsClient::new(&bs, &dev_id, &Default::default()).await?;

    // Now you can list objects by reading special object with zero id

    // First we need select required object by identifier
    // Follow we can read binary data from current object
    let data =, None).await?;
    // To extract objects info from binary data we have create iterator
    for entry in DirEntries::from(data.as_ref()) {
        println!("{:?}", entry?);

    // Sometimes server hasn't provide special object with objects info
    // In such case alternative way of exploring objects is selecting
    // first (or last) object and iterate over list to last (or first)
    // step by step

    // Select first available object
    loop {
        // Get all available info about current object
        println!("{:?}", ots.metadata().await?);
        // Try go to the next object
        if ! {




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