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SIMD-accelerated library for computing global and X-drop affine gap sequence alignments using an adaptive block-based algorithm.

Currently, AVX2 and WASM SIMD are supported.


use block_aligner::scan_block::*;
use block_aligner::scores::*;
use block_aligner::cigar::*;

let block_size = 16;
let gaps = Gaps { open: -2, extend: -1 };
let r = PaddedBytes::from_bytes::<NucMatrix>(b"TTAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT", block_size);
let q = PaddedBytes::from_bytes::<NucMatrix>(b"TTTTTTTTAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT", block_size);

// Align with traceback, but no x drop threshold.
let a = Block::<_, true, false>::align(&q, &r, &NW1, gaps, block_size..=block_size, 0);
let res = a.res();

assert_eq!(res, AlignResult { score: 7, query_idx: 24, reference_idx: 21 });
assert_eq!(a.trace().cigar(res.query_idx, res.reference_idx).to_string(), "2M6I16M3D");

When building your code that uses this library, it is important to specify the correct feature flags: simd_avx2 or simd_wasm.


Data structures and functions for working with CIGAR strings.

Main block aligner algorithm and supporting data structures.

Structs for representing match/mismatch scoring matrices.

Utility functions for simulating random sequences.


Number of 16-bit lanes in a SIMD vector.