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BLAKE2bp, a variant of BLAKE2b that uses SIMD more efficiently.

The AVX2 implementation of BLAKE2bp is about twice as fast that of BLAKE2b. However, note that it’s a different hash function, and it gives a different hash from BLAKE2b for the same input.


use blake2b_simd::blake2bp;

let hash = blake2bp::Params::new()
    .key(b"The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage")
assert_eq!("e69c7d2c42a5ac14948772231c68c552", &hash.to_hex());


A parameter builder for BLAKE2bp, just like the Params type for BLAKE2b.

An incremental hasher for BLAKE2bp, just like the State type for BLAKE2b.


Compute the BLAKE2bp hash of a slice of bytes all at once, using default parameters.