blake2b_simd 1.0.0

a pure Rust BLAKE2b implementation with dynamic SIMD

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An implementation of the BLAKE2b and BLAKE2bp hash functions. See also blake2s_simd.

This crate includes:

  • 100% stable Rust.
  • SIMD implementations based on Samuel Neves' blake2-avx2. These are very fast. For benchmarks, see the Performance section of the README.
  • Portable, safe implementations for other platforms.
  • Dynamic CPU feature detection. Binaries include multiple implementations by default and choose the fastest one the processor supports at runtime.
  • All the features from the the BLAKE2 spec, like adjustable length, keying, and associated data for tree hashing.
  • no_std support. The std Cargo feature is on by default, for CPU feature detection and for implementing std::io::Write.
  • Support for computing multiple BLAKE2b hashes in parallel, matching the efficiency of BLAKE2bp. See the many module.


use blake2b_simd::{blake2b, Params};

let expected = "ca002330e69d3e6b84a46a56a6533fd79d51d97a3bb7cad6c2ff43b354185d6d\
let hash = blake2b(b"foo");
assert_eq!(expected, &hash.to_hex());

let hash = Params::new()
    .key(b"The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage")
    .personal(b"L. P. Waterhouse")
assert_eq!("ee8ff4e9be887297cf79348dc35dab56", &hash.to_hex());