[][src]Struct blake2::VarBlake2b

pub struct VarBlake2b { /* fields omitted */ }

Blake2b instance with a variable output.


impl VarBlake2b[src]

pub fn new_keyed(key: &[u8], output_size: usize) -> Self[src]

Creates a new hashing context with a key.

WARNING! If you plan to use it for variable output MAC, then make sure to compare codes in constant time! It can be done for example by using subtle crate.

pub fn with_params(
    key: &[u8],
    salt: &[u8],
    persona: &[u8],
    output_size: usize
) -> Self

Creates a new hashing context with the full set of sequential-mode parameters.

Trait Implementations

impl BlockInput for VarBlake2b[src]

type BlockSize = U128

Block size

impl Clone for VarBlake2b[src]

impl Debug for VarBlake2b[src]

impl Default for VarBlake2b[src]

impl Reset for VarBlake2b[src]

impl Update for VarBlake2b[src]

impl VariableOutputDirty for VarBlake2b[src]

impl Write for VarBlake2b[src]

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