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This crate provides bitmap fonts for the embedded-graphics crate. Those don’t only look better than the built-in fonts by using the good-looking Tamzen font over a font that renders . like a +, but also allow scaling fonts by pixel-doubling them, giving you two font sizes for the flash size requirements of the smaller one.

See the tamzen module for a list of all included fonts.


use bitmap_font::{tamzen::FONT_8x15, BitmapFont, TextStyle};
use embedded_graphics::{pixelcolor::BinaryColor, prelude::*, text::Text};

// Draw text 'Hello World!' with the top left corner being the origin
let text = Text::new(
	"Hello World!",
	TextStyle::new(&FONT_8x15, BinaryColor::On)
text.draw(&mut display)?;


  • Tamzen font-based bitmap fonts. The included glyphs are a subset of ISO 8859-1 plus the unicode powerline symbols. Additional symbols might be added in the future. If you are missing a glyph that is included in the Tamzen font, please open an issue.