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Utility to run a regtest bitcoind process, useful in integration testing environment

use bitcoincore_rpc::RpcApi;
let bitcoind = bitcoind::BitcoinD::new("/usr/local/bin/bitcoind").unwrap();
assert_eq!(0, bitcoind.client.get_blockchain_info().unwrap().blocks);


pub extern crate bitcoincore_rpc;
pub extern crate tempfile;


Struct representing the bitcoind process with related information

The node configuration parameters, implements a convenient Default for most common use.

Contains all the information to connect to this node


The DataDir struct defining the kind of data directory the node will contain. Data directory can be either persistent, or temporary.

All the possible error in this crate

Enum to specify p2p settings


Provide the bitcoind executable path if a version feature has been specified

Returns the daemon executable path if it’s provided as a feature or as BITCOIND_EXE env var. Returns error if none or both are set

Returns a non-used local port if available.