[][src]Trait bitcoin_hashes::HashEngine

pub trait HashEngine: Clone + Default {
    type MidState;

    const BLOCK_SIZE: usize;

    fn midstate(&self) -> Self::MidState;
fn input(&mut self, data: &[u8]); }

A hashing engine which bytes can be serialized into. It is expected to implement the io::Write trait, but to never return errors under any conditions.

Associated Types

type MidState

Byte array representing the internal state of the hash engine

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Associated Constants

const BLOCK_SIZE: usize

Length of the hash's internal block size, in bytes

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Required methods

fn midstate(&self) -> Self::MidState

Outputs the midstate of the hash engine. This function should not be used directly unless you really know what you're doing.

fn input(&mut self, data: &[u8])

Add data to the hash engine

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impl HashEngine for bitcoin_hashes::ripemd160::HashEngine[src]

type MidState = [u8; 20]

impl HashEngine for bitcoin_hashes::sha1::HashEngine[src]

type MidState = [u8; 20]

impl HashEngine for bitcoin_hashes::sha256::HashEngine[src]

type MidState = Midstate

impl HashEngine for bitcoin_hashes::sha512::HashEngine[src]

type MidState = [u8; 64]

impl HashEngine for bitcoin_hashes::siphash24::HashEngine[src]

type MidState = State

impl<T: HashTrait> HashEngine for HmacEngine<T>[src]

type MidState = HmacMidState<T>

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