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Rust BIP47 Library

This library implements the BIP47 standard and provides functionality for generating static payment codes that two parties can use to create a private payment address space between them.

Original specification: BIP-0047.


// Alice constructs her own payment code using a BIP32 seed
let alice_private = PrivateCode::from_seed(&alice_seed, 0, Network::Bitcoin).unwrap();

// Alice parses Bob's payment code
let bob_public = PublicCode::from_wif("PM8TJS2JxQ5ztXUpBBRnpTbcUXbUHy2T1abfrb3KkAAtMEGNbey4oumH7Hc578WgQJhPjBxteQ5GHHToTYHE3A1w6p7tU6KSoFmWBVbFGjKPisZDbP97").unwrap();

// Alice calculates Bob's receive address at index 0, known only to them
let bob_address_0 = bob_public.address(&alice_private, 0, false).unwrap();

// Alice can now pay Bob privately
assert_eq!("12edoJAofkjCsWrtmVjuQgMUKJ6Z7Ntpzx", bob_address_0.to_string());


pub extern crate bitcoin;


Represents the on-chain notification mode and provides functionality for constructing an on-chain notification message.

A set of Bitmessage preferences indicated by the receiving party.

Contains all the parameters needed to send a bitmessage to a recipient.

Represents the Bitmessage notification mode and provides functionality for constructing a Bitmessage notification message.

Represents the “bloom-multisig” (also known as v2) notification mode and provides functionality for constructing an on-chain notification message.

Represents the private side of a payment code, as seen from the perspective of the sender. This is what the sender will use in conjunction with a receiver’s public payment code in order to be able to send funds.

Represents the public side of a payment code. This is what the party that wishes to receive funds shares with sending parties.


Represents an error as pertaining to BIP47 operations.

The notification mode to be used with a payment code.

Represents the version number of a BIP47 payment code.


Calculates a blinding factor. The operation is symmetrical, therefore the key combination can be: