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Binomial tree approach to pricing options. This approach is extremely general. It allows pricing of any style option when the underlying is a 1-dimensional diffusion. Currently only European and American optionality is provided but it isn't difficult to add Bermudan optionality. The approach works by transforming a diffusion into a pure Brownian component and building a tree off the pure Browning component. Given a diffusion dX=alpha(X, t)dt+sigma(X, t)dW, the user must specify the function alpha(X, t)/sigma(X, t), the function sigma'(X, t) (the derivative of sigma with respect to X), and the inverse function of the indefinite integral of 1/sigma(y, t) with respect to y.



Returns American option price using tree method


Returns price using tree method


Returns iterator over every t except the maturity


Returns increment of t between time steps


Returns t at some time step