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  • Systemparam to have a shorthand for creating http calls in systems
  • Marker component that is used to despawn an entity if the reqwest is finshed
  • A set of HTTP headers
  • An event listener with a callback that is triggered when an EntityEvent bubbles past or targets this entity.
  • we have to use an option to be able to “.take()” later on when moving this into a an [InflightRequest]
  • the resulting data from a finished request is found here
  • Wrapper around the ReqwestClient, that when inserted as a resource will start connection pools towards the hosts, and also allows all the configuration from the ReqwestLibrary such as setting default headers etc
  • Plugin that allows to send http request using the reqwest library from inside bevy. The plugin uses bevy_eventlister to provide callback style events when the http requests finishes. supports both wasm and native
  • An HTTP status code (status-code in RFC 7230 et al.).
  • Represents a version of the HTTP spec.


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