Crate bevy_ios_iap

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  • Bevy plugin to integrate access to iOS StoreKit2
  • Expected event data in response to get_products method call.
  • The App Store storefront associated with the transaction.
  • Representation of a Transaction. Mirrors the Transcation type in Apple’s StoreKit2 closely. See official docs for more details on the individual fields.



  • Quoted from Apple’s docs: “A sequence that emits all the transactions for the user for your app.”
  • Quoted from Apple docs: “A sequence of the latest transactions that entitle a user to in-app purchases and subscriptions.”
  • Finishes a Transaction. Identify the Transaction with an ID. Apple expects us to call this only after the user got the Product granted so we can safely consider this purchase finished. Until the transaction is finished iOS will keep triggering it as soon as we register the TransactionObserver via the init call. See crate::init.
  • Fetch Product Details. A list of Product IDs has to be provided. Expected to be confirmed with event: IosIapEvents::Products
  • Registers for any updates on Transactions. Any such update will trigger: IosIapEvents::Transaction
  • Trigger a purchase flow. The product ID has to be provided Expected to be confirmed with event: IosIapEvents::Purchase