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This module is separated into its own crate to enable simple dynamic linking for Bevy, and should not be used directly


  • Integrate with platform accessibility APIs.
  • Build bevy apps, create plugins, and read events.
  • Contains core plugins.
  • Useful diagnostic plugins and types for bevy apps.
  • Bevy’s entity-component-system.
  • Entity hierarchies and property inheritance
  • Resources and events for inputs, e.g. mouse/keyboard, touch, gamepads, etc.
  • Logging capabilities
  • Math types (Vec3, Mat4, Quat, etc) and helpers.
  • use bevy::prelude::*; to import common components, bundles, and plugins.
  • Utilities for working with untyped pointers in a more safe way.
  • Type reflection used for dynamically interacting with rust types.
  • Pools for async, IO, and compute tasks.
  • Contains time utilities.
  • Local and global transforms (e.g. translation, scale, rotation).
  • Various miscellaneous utilities for easing development
  • Configuration, creation, and management of one or more windows.


  • This plugin group will add all the default plugins for a Bevy application:
  • This plugin group will add the minimal plugins for a Bevy application: