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This crate provides core functionality for Bevy Engine.



  • Convenient query for giving a human friendly name to an entity.
  • Automatically generated WorldQuery item type for DebugName, returned when iterating over query results.
  • Maintains a count of frames rendered since the start of the application.
  • Adds frame counting functionality to Apps.
  • Component used to identify an entity. Stores a hash for faster comparisons.
  • A dummy type that is !Send, to force systems to run on the main thread.
  • Helper for configuring and creating the default task pools. For end-users who want full control, set up TaskPoolPlugin
  • Setup of default task pools: AsyncComputeTaskPool, ComputeTaskPool, IoTaskPool.
  • Defines a simple way to determine how many threads to use given the number of remaining cores and number of total cores
  • Registration of default types to the TypeRegistry resource.


  • Marker trait for “plain old data”.
  • Trait for types that can be safely created with zeroed.