Struct bevy::text::prelude::Text2dBundle[]

pub struct Text2dBundle {
    pub draw: Draw,
    pub visible: Visible,
    pub text: Text,
    pub transform: Transform,
    pub global_transform: GlobalTransform,
    pub main_pass: MainPass,
    pub text_2d_size: Text2dSize,

The bundle of components needed to draw text in a 2D scene via the Camera2dBundle.


draw: Drawvisible: Visibletext: Texttransform: Transformglobal_transform: GlobalTransformmain_pass: MainPasstext_2d_size: Text2dSize

Trait Implementations

impl Bundle for Text2dBundle

SAFE: TypeInfo is returned in field-definition-order. [from_components] and [get_components] use field-definition-order

impl Clone for Text2dBundle

impl Debug for Text2dBundle

impl Default for Text2dBundle

Auto Trait Implementations

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