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Bevy is an open-source modular game engine built in Rust, with a focus on developer productivity and performance.

Check out the Bevy website for more information, read the Bevy Book for a step-by-step guide, and engage with our community if you have any questions or ideas!


Here is a simple "Hello World" Bevy app:

use bevy::prelude::*;

fn main() {

fn hello_world_system() {
   println!("hello world");

Don't let the simplicity of the example above fool you. Bevy is a fully featured game engine and it gets more powerful every day!

This Crate

The "bevy" crate is just a container crate that makes it easier to consume Bevy components. The defaults provide a "full" engine experience, but you can easily enable / disable features in your project's Cargo.toml to meet your specific needs. See Bevy's Cargo.toml for a full list of features available.

If you prefer it, you can also consume the individual bevy crates directly.


pub use bevy_app as app;
pub use bevy_asset as asset;
pub use bevy_core as core;
pub use bevy_diagnostic as diagnostic;
pub use bevy_ecs as ecs;
pub use bevy_input as input;
pub use bevy_math as math;
pub use bevy_property as property;
pub use bevy_scene as scene;
pub use bevy_tasks as tasks;
pub use bevy_transform as transform;
pub use bevy_type_registry as type_registry;
pub use bevy_window as window;
pub use bevy_audio as audio;
pub use bevy_gltf as gltf;
pub use bevy_pbr as pbr;
pub use bevy_render as render;
pub use bevy_sprite as sprite;
pub use bevy_text as text;
pub use bevy_ui as ui;
pub use bevy_winit as winit;
pub use bevy_wgpu as wgpu;