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Low latency batching tool. Bundle lots of single concurrent operations into sequential batches of work.

For example many concurrent contending single edatabase update tasks could be bundled into bulk updates.


use benjamin_batchly::{BatchMutex, BatchResult};

let batcher = BatchMutex::default();

// BatchMutex synchronizes so only one `Work` happens at a time (for a given batch_key).
// All concurrent submissions made while an existing `Work` is being processed will
// await completion and form the next `Work` batch.
match batcher.submit(batch_key, item).await {
    BatchResult::Work(mut batch) => {
    BatchResult::Done(_) => Ok(()),
    BatchResult::Failed => Err("failed"),

Example: Return values

Each item may also received it’s own return value inside BatchResult::Done.

E.g. a Result to pass back why some batch items failed to their submitters.

use benjamin_batchly::{BatchMutex, BatchResult};
use anyhow::anyhow;

// 3rd type is value returned by BatchResult::Done
let batcher: BatchMutex<_, _, anyhow::Result<()>> = BatchMutex::default();

match batcher.submit(batch_key, my_item).await {
    BatchResult::Work(mut batch) => {
        let results = db_bulk_insert(&batch.items).await;

        // iterate over results and notify each item's submitter
        for (index, success) in results {
            if success {
                batch.notify_done(index, Ok(()));
            } else {
                batch.notify_done(index, Err(anyhow!("insert failed")));

        // receive the local `my_item` return value
    BatchResult::Done(result) => result,
    BatchResult::Failed => Err(anyhow!("batch failed")),


A batch of items to process.

Batch HQ. Share and use concurrently to dynamically batch submitted items.


BatchMutex::submit output. Either a batch of items to process & notify or the result of another submitter handling a batch with the same batch_key.