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A crate that contains foundational building blocks for the IOTA Tangle.


pub use tangle::Tangle;
pub use tangle_worker::TangleWorker;


Types used for tangle configuration.

Types that represent tangle events.

Message flags.

Message data, including message flags.

Types used to represent SEPs (Solid Entry Points). A SolidEntryPoint is a MessageId of a message that is solid even if we do not have them or their past in the database. They often come from a snapshot file and allow a node to solidify without needing the full tangle history.

Types used for interoperation with a node’s storage layer.

Milestone-enabled tangle type.

The overall TangleWorker type. Used as part of the bee runtime in a node.

A worker that periodically cleans the tip pool.

Common tangle traversal functionality. Collection of Tangle traversal functions.

Types used to represent unreferenced messages.

The URTS tips pool.


A thread-safe reference to a Message.


Represents the different reasons why a transaction can conflict with the ledger state.


Initiate the tangle on top of the given node builder.