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Networking layer for the Bee framework.


Initializes an “integrated” version of the network layer, which is used in the Bee node.

Initializes a “standalone” version of the network layer.


A macro that creates a shorter representation of a PeerId. Mostly useful in logging scenarios.


An Ed25519 keypair.

Representation of a Multiaddr.

Allows the user to send Commands to the network layer.

The network configuration.

A network configuration builder.

Allows the user to receive Events published by the network layer.

A node worker, that deals with accepting and initiating connections with remote peers.

Identifier of a peer of the network.

Additional information about a peer.

A node worker, that deals with processing user commands, and publishing events.


Describes the commands accepted by the networking layer.

Errors during network initialization.

Describes the public events produced by the networking layer.

Describes direction of an established connection.

Describes the relation with a peer.

Protocol describes all possible multiaddress protocols.

The public key of a node’s identity keypair.

Type Definitions

A type alias for an unbounded channel receiver.

A type alias for an unbounded channel sender.