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Memory-management tools for real-time audio and other latency-critical scenarios.

  • Owned and Shared are smart pointers analogous to Box and Arc which add their contents to a queue for deferred collection when dropped.
  • Collector is used to process the drop queue.
  • Node provides a lower-level interface for implementing custom smart pointers or data structures.
  • SharedCell implements a mutable memory location holding a Shared pointer that can be used by multiple readers and writers in a thread-safe manner.



A garbage collector for Owned and Shared allocations.


A handle to a Collector, used when allocating Owned and Shared values.


An allocation that can be added to its associated Collector’s drop queue.


An owned smart pointer with deferred collection, analogous to Box.


A reference-counted smart pointer with deferred collection, analogous to Arc.


A thread-safe shared mutable memory location that holds a Shared<T>.