Struct backtracer_core::Symbol[][src]

pub struct Symbol { /* fields omitted */ }

A trait representing the resolution of a symbol in a file.

This trait is yielded as a trait object to the closure given to the backtrace::resolve function, and it is virtually dispatched as it’s unknown which implementation is behind it.

A symbol can give contextual information about a function, for example the name, filename, line number, precise address, etc. Not all information is always available in a symbol, however, so all methods return an Option.


impl Symbol[src]

pub fn name(&self) -> Option<Cow<'_, str>>[src]

Returns the name of this function.

The returned structure can be used to query various properties about the symbol name:

  • The Display implementation will print out the demangled symbol.
  • The raw str value of the symbol can be accessed (if it’s valid utf-8).
  • The raw bytes for the symbol name can be accessed.

pub fn addr(&self) -> Option<*mut u8>[src]

Returns the starting address of this function.

pub fn filename(&self) -> Option<&str>[src]

Returns the file name where this function was defined.

This is currently only available when libbacktrace is being used (e.g. unix platforms other than OSX) and when a binary is compiled with debuginfo. If neither of these conditions is met then this will likely return None.

pub fn lineno(&self) -> Option<u32>[src]

Returns the line number for where this symbol is currently executing.

This return value is typically Some if filename returns Some, and is consequently subject to similar caveats.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Symbol[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for Symbol

impl !Sync for Symbol

impl Unpin for Symbol

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