Trait azul_peek_poke::Poke[][src]

pub unsafe trait Poke {
    fn max_size() -> usize;
unsafe fn poke_into(&self, bytes: *mut u8) -> *mut u8; }
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A trait for values that provide serialization into buffers of bytes.


use peek_poke::Poke;

struct Bar {
    a: u32,
    b: u8,
    c: i16,

unsafe impl Poke for Bar {
    fn max_size() -> usize {
        <u32>::max_size() + <u8>::max_size() + <i16>::max_size()
    unsafe fn poke_into(&self, bytes: *mut u8) -> *mut u8 {
        let bytes = self.a.poke_into(bytes);
        let bytes = self.b.poke_into(bytes);


The Poke trait is an unsafe trait for the reasons, and implementors must ensure that they adhere to these contracts:

  • max_size() query and calculations in general must be correct. Callers of this trait are expected to rely on the contract defined on each method, and implementors must ensure such contracts remain true.

Required methods

Return the maximum number of bytes that the serialized version of Self will occupy.


Implementors of Poke guarantee to not write more than the result of calling max_size() into the buffer pointed to by bytes when poke_into() is called.

Serialize into the buffer pointed to by bytes.

Returns a pointer to the next byte after the serialized representation of Self.


This function is unsafe because undefined behavior can result if the caller does not ensure all of the following:

  • bytes must denote a valid pointer to a block of memory.

  • bytes must pointer to at least the number of bytes returned by max_size().

Implementations on Foreign Types