pub trait OverflowingCast<Dst> {
    fn overflowing_cast(self) -> (Dst, bool);
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Used for overflowing casts.

This trait’s method returns a tuple of the value and a bool, indicating whether an overflow has occurred. On overflow, the wrapped value is returned.

It is normally easier to use the OverflowingAs trait instead of this trait.


use az::OverflowingCast;
let a: (u8, bool) = 17i32.overflowing_cast();
assert_eq!(a, (17, false));
assert_eq!(OverflowingCast::<u32>::overflowing_cast(-1), (u32::max_value(), true));
assert_eq!(OverflowingCast::<u8>::overflowing_cast(17.0 + 256.0), (17, true));


This trait’s method panics if the value does not fit and cannot be wrapped, for example when trying to cast floating-point ∞ into an integer type.

Required Methods

Casts the value.

Implementations on Foreign Types