pub trait CheckedCast<Dst> {
    fn checked_cast(self) -> Option<Dst>;
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Used for checked casts.

This trait’s method returns None if the value does not fit.

It is normally easier to use the CheckedAs trait instead of this trait.


use az::CheckedCast;
use core::f32;

let a: Option<u32> = 5i32.checked_cast();
assert_eq!(a, Some(5));
assert_eq!(CheckedCast::<u32>::checked_cast(-5i32), None);
assert_eq!(CheckedCast::<u8>::checked_cast(17.1f32), Some(17));
let b: Option<u8> = f32::NAN.checked_cast();
assert_eq!(b, None);

Required Methods

Casts the value.

Implementations on Foreign Types