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aws-config provides implementations of region and credential resolution.

These implementations can be used either via the default chain implementation from_env/ConfigLoader or ad-hoc individual credential and region providers.

ConfigLoader can combine different configuration sources into an AWS shared-config: SdkConfig. SdkConfig can be used configure an AWS service client.


Load default SDK configuration:

use aws_config::BehaviorVersion;
mod aws_sdk_dynamodb {
let config = aws_config::load_defaults(BehaviorVersion::v2023_11_09()).await;
let client = aws_sdk_dynamodb::Client::new(&config);

Load SDK configuration with a region override:

let region_provider = RegionProviderChain::default_provider().or_else("us-east-1");
// Note: requires the `behavior-version-latest` feature enabled
let config = aws_config::from_env().region(region_provider).load().await;
let client = aws_sdk_dynamodb::Client::new(&config);

Override configuration after construction of SdkConfig:

let sdk_config = aws_config::load_defaults(aws_config::BehaviorVersion::latest()).await;
let custom_credentials_provider = custom_provider(&sdk_config);
let dynamo_config = aws_sdk_dynamodb::config::Builder::from(&sdk_config)
let client = aws_sdk_dynamodb::Client::from_conf(dynamo_config);


  • credential_processcredentials-process
    Credentials Provider for external process
  • Providers that implement the default AWS provider chain
  • Ecs Credentials Provider
  • Providers that load configuration from environment variables
  • Types for configuring identity caching.
  • IMDSv2 Client, credential, and region provider
  • Meta-providers that augment existing providers with new behavior
  • Load configuration from AWS Profiles
  • Configuration Options for Credential Providers
  • Retry configuration
  • ssosso
    SSO Credentials and Token providers
  • Stalled stream protection configuration
  • Credential provider augmentation through the AWS Security Token Service (STS).
  • Timeout configuration
  • Load Credentials from Web Identity Tokens


  • App name that can be configured with an AWS SDK client to become part of the user agent string.
  • Behavior major-version of the client
  • Load default sources for all configuration with override support Load a cross-service SdkConfig from the environment
  • Error for when an app name doesn’t meet character requirements.
  • The region to send requests to.
  • AWS Shared Configuration


  • Create a config loader with the defaults for the given behavior version.
  • from_envbehavior-version-latest
    Create a config loader with the latest defaults.
  • Load default configuration with the given behavior version.
  • load_from_envbehavior-version-latest
    Load default configuration with the latest defaults.