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Provides abstractions for implementing:

  • Audio processing nodes
  • MIDI processing nodes
  • Audio buffers

An audio processor implemented with these traits may work with multiple sample types, audio buffer types and audio processing back-ends.

Start looking at AudioProcessor, then have a look at AudioBuffer and MidiEventHandler.


pub use atomic_float::AtomicF32;
pub use audio_buffer::AudioBuffer;
pub use audio_buffer::InterleavedAudioBuffer;
pub use midi::MidiEventHandler;
pub use midi::MidiMessageLike;


Atomic F32 implementation with num trait implementations

Provides an abstraction for audio buffers that works for CPAL and VST layouts

Provides an abstraction for MIDI processing that works for stand-alone and VST events


Options provided to the audio-processor before calling process.

An audio-processor which doesn’t do any work.

An audio-processor which mutes all channels.


Represents an audio processing node.

Generic trait for floating point numbers

Auto-implemented object version of the audio-processor trait.