[][src]Crate aubio_lib

Bundled aubio library

This crate provides bundled aubio C library for using with aubio-rs crate in case when system-installed library is not available.


You can simply add this as dependency to your manifest:

aubio-rs = "^0.1"

# Use bundled library to avoid unresolved links
aubio-lib = "^0.1"

Next you should say compiler that you want to use that crate:

// Either in traditional manner
extern crate aubio_lib;

// Or in Rust2018 manner
use aubio_lib as _;


The following features can be used to customize library configuration:

  • shared Force bundle shared (or dynamic) library instead of static
  • with-fftw3 Enables fftw3 support
  • nolink-fftw3 Disable fftw3 link
  • shared-fftw3 Force shared fftw3 link