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A promise based asynchronous library

This library provides an usefull way to invoke functions (clousures) in a Promise Style using separated threads. A Promise is a Struct that represents the return value or the error that the funcion produces.

It also allows the execution of tasks in Parallel or Series in deferred, joining the result in a Promise.

It includes methods to manage Event Loops, where there are tasks that "emit" events in background, and they are collected by a promise.

Project github page

This project is based on the Q Promise library for Node JS and Async.js


Dual-licensed to be compatible with the Rust project.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 or the MIT license, at your option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.


This is a simple setup for a promise based execution:

use asynchronous::Promise;
Promise::new(|| {
  // Do something  
  let ret = 10.0 / 3.0;
  if ret > 0.0 { Ok(ret) } else { Err("Incorrect Value") }
}).success(|res| {            // res has type f64
  // Do something if the previous result is correct
  assert_eq!(res, 10.0 / 3.0);
  let res_int = res as u32 * 2;
}).finally_sync(|res| {       // res has type Result<u32,&str>
  // Executed always at the end
  assert_eq!(res.unwrap(), 6u32);

Deferred execution:

use asynchronous::{Promise,Deferred,ControlFlow};

let d_a = Deferred::<&str, &str>::new(|| { Ok("a") });
let p_b = Promise::<&str, &str>::new(|| { Ok("b") });  // Executed right now
let d1 = Deferred::<u32, &str>::new(|| { Ok(1u32) });
let d2 = Deferred::<u32, &str>::new(|| { Err("Mock Error") });
let d3 = Deferred::<u32, &str>::new(|| { Ok(3u32) });
let d4 = Deferred::<u32, &str>::new(|| { Ok(4u32) });
let d5 = Deferred::<u32, &str>::new(|| { Ok(5u32) });

let promise = Deferred::vec_to_promise(vec![d1,d2,d3], ControlFlow::Parallel);
// Only d1, d2 and d3 are being executed at this time.

assert_eq!("ab", d_a.to_promise().success(|res_a| {
    p_b.success(move |res_b| {
        Ok(res_a.to_string() + res_b)

promise.success(|res| {
    // Catch the result. In this case, tasks d4 and d5 never will be executed
}).fail(|error| {
    // Catch the error and execute another Promise
    assert_eq!(error, vec![Ok(1u32), Err("Mock Error"), Ok(3u32)]);    
    Deferred::vec_to_promise(vec![d4,d5], ControlFlow::Series).sync()
}).finally_sync(|res| {   // res : Result<Vec<u32>,&str>
    // Do something here    
    assert_eq!(res.unwrap(), vec![4u32, 5u32]);

Simple event loop:

use asynchronous::EventLoop;

let el = EventLoop::new().finish_in_ms(100);
// Do something here
el.to_promise().finally_sync(|res| {  // res: Result<Vec<Ev>,()>
    assert_eq!(res.unwrap(), vec!["Event1", "Event2"]);



Stores a function and delays its execution until it's transform to a promise. T : Type of value returned E : Type of error returned


Executes a task in background collecting events from other threads


Event Loop wrapper that can be cloned to pass through threads


Stores a result of previous execution tasks. T : Type of value returned E : Type of error returned



Different possibilities for asynchronous treatment of vectors


Enum representing type of Emit in loops