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An asynchronous ZIP archive reading/writing crate.


  • A base implementation atop futures’s IO traits.
  • An extended implementation atop tokio’s IO traits.
  • Support for Stored, Deflate, bzip2, LZMA, zstd, and xz compression methods.
  • Various different reading approaches (seek, stream, filesystem, in-memory buffer).
  • Support for writing complete data (u8 slices) or stream writing using data descriptors.
  • Initial support for ZIP64 reading and writing.
  • Aims for reasonable specification compliance.


async_zip = { version = "0.0.17", features = ["full"] }

§Feature Flags

  • full - Enables all below features.
  • full-wasm - Enables all below features that are compatible with WASM.
  • chrono - Enables support for parsing dates via chrono.
  • tokio - Enables support for the tokio implementation module.
  • tokio-fs - Enables support for the tokio::fs reading module.
  • deflate - Enables support for the Deflate compression method.
  • bzip2 - Enables support for the bzip2 compression method.
  • lzma - Enables support for the LZMA compression method.
  • zstd - Enables support for the zstd compression method.
  • xz - Enables support for the xz compression method.

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  • A base runtime-agnostic implementation using futures’s IO types.
  • A module which holds relevant error reporting structures/types.
  • A set of tokio-specific type aliases and features.