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Abstract over different executors.

Version 0.0.0! WIP, not functional yet.

The aim of async_executors is to provide a uniform interface to the main executors available in Rust. We provide wrapper types that always implement the Spawn and/or SpawnLocal traits from the future library, making it easy to pass any executor to an API which requires E: Spawn or E: SpawnLocal.

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With cargo add: cargo add async_executors

With cargo yaml:


   async_executors: ^0.1

With raw Cargo.toml


    async_executors = "^0.1"


Please check out the changelog when upgrading.


This crate has few dependencies. Cargo will automatically handle it's dependencies for you.

There are no optional features.



Basic example


API documentation can be found on docs.rs.


This repository accepts contributions. Ideas, questions, feature requests and bug reports can be filed through Github issues.

Pull Requests are welcome on Github. By committing pull requests, you accept that your code might be modified and reformatted to fit the project coding style or to improve the implementation. Please discuss what you want to see modified before filing a pull request if you don't want to be doing work that might be rejected.

Please file PR's against the dev branch, don't forget to update the changelog and the documentation.


Code of conduct

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