Available on unstable only.
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A module for working with processes.

This module is mostly concerned with spawning and interacting with child processes, but it also provides abort and exit for terminating the current process.

This is an async version of std::process.


A spawned child process.

A handle to a child process’s standard error (stderr).

A handle to a child process’s standard input (stdin).

A handle to a child process’s standard output (stdout).

A builder for spawning processes.

Describes the result of a process after it has terminated.

The output of a finished process.

Describes what to do with a standard I/O stream for a child process when passed to the stdin, stdout, and stderr methods of Command.


Terminates the process in an abnormal fashion.

Terminates the current process with the specified exit code.

Returns the OS-assigned process identifier associated with this process.