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Networking primitives for TCP/UDP communication.

This module provides networking functionality for the Transmission Control and User Datagram Protocols, as well as types for IP and socket addresses.

This module is an async version of std::net.


Platform-specific extensions

APIs such as Unix domain sockets are available on certain platforms only. You can find platform-specific extensions in the async_std::os module.


A simple UDP echo server:

use async_std::net::UdpSocket;

let socket = UdpSocket::bind("").await?;
let mut buf = vec![0u8; 1024];

loop {
    let (n, peer) = socket.recv_from(&mut buf).await?;
    socket.send_to(&buf[..n], &peer).await?;


An error which can be returned when parsing an IP address or a socket address.

A stream of incoming TCP connections.

An IPv4 address.

An IPv6 address.

An IPv4 socket address.

An IPv6 socket address.

A TCP socket server, listening for connections.

A TCP stream between a local and a remote socket.

A UDP socket.


An IP address, either IPv4 or IPv6.

Possible values which can be passed to the TcpStream::shutdown method.

An internet socket address, either IPv4 or IPv6.


Converts or resolves addresses to SocketAddr values.