[][src]Crate async_rwlock

An async reader-writer lock.

This type of lock allows multiple readers or one writer at any point in time.

The locking strategy is write-preferring, which means writers are never starved. Releasing a write lock wakes the next blocked reader and the next blocked writer.


use async_rwlock::RwLock;

let lock = RwLock::new(5);

// Multiple read locks can be held at a time.
let r1 = lock.read().await;
let r2 = lock.read().await;
assert_eq!(*r1, 5);
assert_eq!(*r2, 5);
drop((r1, r2));

// Only one write lock can be held at a time.
let mut w = lock.write().await;
*w += 1;
assert_eq!(*w, 6);



An async reader-writer lock.


A guard that releases the read lock when dropped.


A guard that releases the upgradable read lock when dropped.


A guard that releases the write lock when dropped.