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Async TLS streams


To connect as a client to a remote server:

use async_std::prelude::*;
use async_std::net::TcpStream;

let stream = TcpStream::connect("").await?;
let mut stream = async_native_tls::connect("", stream).await?;
stream.write_all(b"GET / HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n").await?;

let mut res = Vec::new();
stream.read_to_end(&mut res).await?;
println!("{}", String::from_utf8_lossy(&res));


  • An X509 certificate.
  • An error returned from the TLS implementation.
  • The host part of a domain (without scheme, port and path).
  • A cryptographic identity.
  • A wrapper around a native_tls::TlsAcceptor, providing an async accept method.
  • Connect a client to a remote server.
  • A stream managing a TLS session.



  • One of accept of an incoming connection.
  • Connect a client to a remote server.

Type Definitions

  • A typedef of the result-type returned by many methods.