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Provides traits Hash, [HashStream], and [HashTryStream] for SHA-2 hashing of data that must be accessed asynchronously, e.g. a [Stream] or database table.

Hash is implemented for standard Rust types:

  • Primitive types:
    • bool
    • i8, i16, i32, i64, i128, isize
    • u8, u16, u32, u64, u128, usize
    • f32, f64
    • &str
    • String
  • Common standard library types:
    • Option<T>
    • PhantomData<T>
  • Compound types:
    • [T; 0] through [T; 32]
    • tuples up to size 16
  • Collection types:
    • BTreeMap<K, V>
    • BTreeSet<T>
    • BinaryHeap<T>
    • LinkedList<T>
    • VecDeque<T>
    • Vec<T>

IMPORTANT: hashing is order-dependent. Do not implement the traits in this crate for any data structure which does not have a consistent order. Consider using the [collate] crate if you need to use a type which does not implement Ord.


Trait to compute a SHA-2 hash using the digest type D