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A version of async-stream without macros. This crate provides generic implementations of [Stream] trait. [Stream] is an asynchronous version of std::iter::Iterator.

Two functions are provided - fn_stream and try_fn_stream.


If you need to create a stream that may result in error, use try_fn_stream, otherwise use fn_stream.

To create a stream:

  1. Invoke fn_stream or try_fn_stream, passing a closure (anonymous function).
  2. Closure will accept an emitter. To return value from the stream, call .emit(value) on emitter and .await on its result. Once stream consumer has processed the value and called .next() on stream, .await will return.
  3. (for try_fn_stream only) Return errors from closure via return Err(...) or ? (question mark) operator.


Finite stream of numbers

use async_fn_stream::fn_stream;
use futures::Stream;

fn build_stream() -> impl Stream<Item = i32> {
    fn_stream(|emitter| async move {
        for i in 0..3 {
            // yield elements from stream via `emitter`

Read numbers from text file, with error handling

use anyhow::Context;
use async_fn_stream::try_fn_stream;
use futures::{pin_mut, Stream, StreamExt};
use tokio::{
    io::{AsyncBufReadExt, BufReader},

fn read_numbers(file_name: String) -> impl Stream<Item = Result<i32, anyhow::Error>> {
    try_fn_stream(|emitter| async move {
        // Return errors via `?` operator.
        let file = BufReader::new(File::open(file_name).await.context("Failed to open file")?);
        let mut line = String::new();
        loop {
            let byte_count = file
                .read_line(&mut line)
                .context("Failed to read line")?;
            if byte_count == 0 {

            for token in line.split_ascii_whitespace() {
                let number: i32 = token
                    .with_context(|| format!("Failed to conver string \"{token}\" to number"))?;
                // Return errors via `?` operator.


Why not async-stream?

async-stream is great! It has a nice syntax, but it is based on macros which brings some flaws:


Future returned from StreamEmitter::emit.

Implementation of [Stream] trait created by fn_stream.

An intemediary that transfers values from stream to its consumer

Implementation of [Stream] trait created by try_fn_stream.


Create a new infallible stream which is implemented by func.

Create a new fallible stream which is implemented by func.