[][src]Crate async_dup

Duplicate an async I/O handle.

This crate provides two tools, Arc and Mutex:

Wrap an async I/O handle in Arc or Mutex to clone it or share among tasks.


Clone an async I/O handle:

use async_dup::Arc;
use futures::io;
use smol::Async;
use std::net::TcpStream;

// A client that echoes messages back to the server.
let stream = Async::<TcpStream>::connect("").await?;

// Create two handles to the stream.
let reader = Arc::new(stream);
let mut writer = reader.clone();

// Echo data received from the reader back into the writer.
io::copy(reader, &mut writer).await?;

Share an async I/O handle:

use async_dup::Mutex;
use futures::io;
use futures::prelude::*;

// Reads data from a stream and echoes it back.
async fn echo(stream: impl AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin) -> io::Result<u64> {
    let stream = Mutex::new(stream);
    io::copy(&stream, &mut &stream).await



A reference-counted pointer that implements async I/O traits.


A mutex that implements async I/O traits.


A guard that releases the mutex when dropped.